Cardinals Bring the Pain to Soldier Field as they defeat the Bears 48 – 23

By: KaSandra Hunt | September 20, 2015 7:00 p.m. CST

In week one we watched the Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers take the field in one o the NFL’s oldest rivalries.  While the Packers were able to squeak out the W, we saw a very different Bears team that what we were used to seeing.

Last week the Chicago Bears played with a sense of order and maturity.  Bears Quarterback Jay Cutler showed pure confidence in his receiving core and Matt Forte truly came alive with mega rushing yardage.  We were finally seeing what many analysts were trying to sell us on for years about this team and many were prepared to jump on the bandwagon.

So enter week two and Bears fans are pumped!  All have already drank the John Fox Kool-Aid and just knew this week against the Arizona Cardinals would be a battle but would end in a victory.  If only we had called Ms. Cleo before the game…..sigh

Jay Cutler and the Bears marched out on the field looking ready to play.  Unfortunately, David Johnson returned the opening kickoff a club-record 108 yards and added a rushing touchdown. The Bears answered back and tied the game at 7 with a Joshua Bellamy touchdown pass from Cutler. At that point ladies and gentlemen we knew we had a ballgame.

The second quarter it was still anybodies ballgame, as the Cardinals tried to break away with touchdown. Once again the Bears answered right back and the  game was again tied at 14 points.

That was probably the last time the Chicago Bears had any chance of gaining the lead.

The momentum of the game begins to change with a Cutler pick by Cardinals Tony Jefferson for a 26 yard touchdown leading to a score of 28 to 14 Cardinals. The Bears tried to answer back but the the Cardinals defense held them to a field goal.

Okay, is not lost at this point even though the score is now 28-17 in favor of the Cardinals.  This was the last time the Bears and their fans probably had any hope for a W.

Many gasped seeing Cutler being walked into the locker room for injury review only to learn he would not return with a hamstring injury.  So in steps, Jimmy Clausen and we will take a moment of silence here as this was the moment the Bears momentum died.

With Clausen in, the Bears only scored points on 3 field goals.  Even with a pick, Clausen and the offense just could not convert Cardinals missed opportunities in to touchdown points.

I might have understood the struggles on the offensive side of the ball, but it seems the defense gave up as well.

The Bears were unable to stop any big runs which lead to scoring plays for the Cardinals.  The Bears made a very very good Larry Fitzgerald look like the best wide receiver in the game with 3 unstoppable TD’s.

Just as many were set with bags packed to jump aboard the Bears Love Train just may have to wait another week or two or at least until Cutler returns.

Final Score: Arizona Cardinals 48 Chicago Bears 23

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Photo Credit: NFL


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