It’s Week Two, but Don’t Panic If Your Team Doesn’t Look Good To You Podcast


Welcome to Week 2 of the NFL Season in the NFC North……

We will be discussing season opener outcomes both good and bad, NFC North from point spreads to injuries and predicting the winners and/or loosers of week numero dos.

Last week was Bears/Packers Week here at Football Fan Rush Radio, so it’s only right that this week we celebrate Vikings/Lions Week. We have had a week of history, player salutes, record breakers, trash talking.  But for these two teams there han’t been too much trash talking considering they are coming off a slightly embarassing seasn opener.

So once again we’ve decided the best way to end the week is by having a Vikings Superfan and a Lions Superfan on the show letting the world know how long they’ve been fans of their teams and putting their fandom to the test with a fun game of  “Do You Really Know Your Team” Trivia.

So tune in to our live 2 hour season opener show as we return to our regular scheduled time of 10a.m. and as usual it will be filled with laughs, fun and updates from true die-hard fans Kass, Mike and Michael!

Hit up the link to tune-in:

PHOTO CREDIT: NFL, Detroit Lions, Minnesota Vikings, Football Fan Rush, Inc.


Meet radio show host and blogger Kass. She loves all things NFL football and the amazing die hard fans of the sport. She has taken her background in PR and Journalism and turned into the grind iron one stop for fans. So stay tuned for 365 days of NFL Trivia, Prize Give-a-Ways, Live Tailgating and fan features on our radio shows.

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