By: KaSandra Hunt | August 31, 2015 | 9:19pm CST


When the news of a keep him/ can him tug of war battle erupted in the front office of the Washington Redskins on keeping or trading RGIII, many grabbed the popcorn to see how this feature plays out.

Over the weekend, ESPN broke the news that the Redskins were shopping Griffin in a trade but had no takers as of yet.  While this was’t a huge shocked , you almost have to feel a little sorry for Griffin.

Griffin hit the ground running as a rookie making all “Hail To The Redskins” (HTTR) Fans a glimpse of hope that their team was once agin contenders.  I mean the man was not only great to watch but a breath of fresh air from what the Redskins had the past few seasons. Then we witnessed an injury that made many cringe while playing the Ravens. Then Raven Defensive End, Haloti Ngata, reinsured a past knee injury with a direct hit to Griffins right knee twisting it in the process.  Griffin tried his best to be professional and play through the pain, but after several plays Griffin hobbled off the field with a Grade 1 LCL sprain.

After giving the knee a little time to heal, Griffin’s next game appearance was a success against the Eagles and he felt confident and ready to do some playoff battling.  As far as his knee, well not so much.

Per controversy, doctors had not cleared Griffin’s return which proved to be a huge blow that would change his future as the Redskins starting QB

Griffin re-injured his knee in a Wild Card loss to the Seahawks this time leading him to undergo surgery on both his LCL and ACL…. yikes.

Many hoped for a speedy return.  I mean the nation had just watched Vikings Adrian Peterson return from surgery as though he was a Greek Mythological God. Griffin was hoping the same, but unfortunately, he was unable to bring about that same tenacity and post surgery success as Peterson.

We watched a man we thought was on his way to being one of the best QB’s to ever pay the game be reduced to’ oh yeah he is still on the team isn’t he.  From fan cheers in 2012 to boos and even being benched by his head coach by 2014, the Redskins knew they needed to figure this out quick.

But how do you swallow taking a $16.1 million guaranteed payout loss and still sleep at night. Apparently, what the team is seeing on the field, it has to be done.

The team has officially named QB Kirk Cousins, who has been very consistent over the last few years, their stating quarterback for the Week 1 season opener. And with that ladies and gentlemen we knew then that we could insert the famous phrase “You’re Outta Here” to Griffin.

While the Redskins organization is looking for takers, RGIII has not yet been cleared to play so the team cannot cut him at this time.

So tell us, do you think RGIII still has what it takes to be an NFL QB and if so, which team just may be a good fit?


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