Was the Bears predictable defense their true downfall last season?


Despite a few major injuries and a not so great performance from Bears QB Jay Cutler, many analysts deemed more of the blame lied on the shoulders of the defense. It was believed former Defensive Coordinator Mel Tucker’s defensive strategies were way too predictable allowing multiple opportunities for opposing teams to take advantage. 
Bears fans definitely weren’t too happy with the 2013 season performance, but didn’t place all the blame on Tucker do to some pretty significant injuries on defense. When the 2014 season rolled around fresh legs and key veterans were added to the mix and Tucker assured all that the team known for its exceptional defense would once again take the field.

Um…. Well…. Not so much. We all watched teams pick apart the predictable defensive plays, play after play.
At the end of the 2014 season the organization knew many changes needed to take place and a real house cleaning was in order. 
The Bears organization said farewell to then head coach Marc Trestman and General Manager Phil Emery. Next former offensive coordinator Aaron Kromer and yeap, former defensive coordinator Mel Tucker soon after.
While we don’t feel Mel Tucker is a bad defensive coordinator, we can say he just simply wasn’t a good fit for what the Chicago Bears need on the defensive side of the ball.
Like many released coaches, Tucker has found a new home. Tucker has gone to the college ranks and will join coach Nick Saban in the sidelines at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa. AL. He will be the coach for the teams defensive backs.
As for the Chicago Bears fans, they are hoping new defensive coordinator Vic Fagio will bring back that fire the team is infamous for on defense with a lot less predictability.
Fagio spent his last four years with the San Francisco 49ers. Despite getting hit with a major injury bug, he still helped the 49ers rank 5th in the NFL’s top 10 ranked defenses in 2014 in points per game allowed (21points or under).  
So Bears fans, it seems there may be hope once again for some hard hitting defense in the heart of the Mid-West. Beardown! 

Photo Credit: ProFootballTalk


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