The History of SKOL… The Vikings Battle Cry


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Since its Vikings week we have decided to mix a bit of history’s past with the present.  One of the biggest questions many have asked…… what in the heck does SKOL mean?  Ah, we shall tell you, it’s interesting and you’ll know one more thing than you did yesterday.

While for many years the story of SKOL coming from the Vikings savagely beheading the kings of opponents conquered in battle. The myth said once the kings were decapitated, the Vikings drank from their skulls like a “BOWL”.  Supposedly, SKOL (which sounds very much like Bowl) was the battle cry shouted to enrage fellow Vikings in battle to victory.

Whelp, not only is that a bit disturbing, it’s also said to be a myth.

SKOL is said to mean nothing more than a word for “cheers,” or “good health,” a salute or a toast, as to an admired person or group. Unless you are a die-hard Vikings fan, then it means kick some opponent patooty for the win.

So whether you choose to believe the mythical answer (which I am a fan of) or Wikipedia’s version, just know you’ll NEVER watch the Minnesota Vikings do battle without the roaring cheers of SKOLLLLLL.

So SKOL everyone, unless you’re not fond of SKOL beer, but then that’s a totally different blog though.

Photo Credit: David Williamson Designs


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