As the talk of what teams need and don’t need, salary cap room, restructured contracts, resigning and waiver wires take shape the one thing we haven’t seen yet is the use of the Franchise Tag.

So we went searching around our favorite division (NFC North) to see which might be first to do so.

Pas we spun the wheel it stopped right where we expected, the Green Bay Packers.

The Packers had a pretty rough yet interesting season. They lost some key players before the start off the 2013 season and most didn’t believe they had a shot with their gaping hole of an O-Line. While those things are true, Aaron Rogers was still the teams bandage holding it all together and getting them through it for another season.

Eddie Lacy trucking down the field, Aaron Rogers veteran finesse style at QB at Clay Matthews giving his best scarecrow impressions on defense made a few say, they might not be so bad this season.

They were not the only difference makers on the team which swings me around to Defensive Tackle B. J. Raji.

Raji has proven to be solid at his position and a key part of why and how this team keeps on trucking. This season he enters Free Agency but I’m not so sure the Packers should let him dip a toe in the waters if the Free Agent markets I easily.

Though Packers a Defensive Coordinator Dom Capers is restructuring the defensive to become more athletic and versatile, it would be a shame to let Raji walk. While it’s been rumored the new style is fit for more of a Datone Jones type of DT, I still think Raji is worth the fight, despite turning down $8 million last season.

So I am turning to Packers fans and asking, if the Packers pop a tag first, should it be in B. J. Raji? Share #YourThoughts……..


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