The Battle Royale….Seahawks vs. Broncos… 2014SuperBowl XLVIII



Well, it’s finally here.  A head to head battle that many called at the start of the season, as the Seahawks match-up against the Broncos.
After a though loss last season, the Seahawks came out the gate swinging.  They tried kicked down doors and slap box with the best teams in order to prove this was their year. Okay, a few teams proved to be some stumbling blocks, but the Seahawks dusted themselves off and kept throwing punches.  apparently, with the combinations of the Legion of Boom, A Beast Mode Skittles Master and a Young Jedi QB, the Seahawks have landed in the 2014 NFL SuperBowl.  But, will the force be with them to pull off the ultimate feat by taking home the Lombardi Trophy?  We shall see…
Meanwhile, back at the Hall of Justice, Peyton Manning has been playing Superman with a “We will not give up” all-star cast.  Demaryius Thomas catches passes through the air with ease, Julius Thomas has speed of lightining, the consistency of Wes Welker… I mean I could go on and on with the cliche scenarios for this titles for the players on this team, but that doesn’t garantee them a win today.  The Broncos have had their fair share of hiccups as well.  
As with the Seahawks, the Broncos suffered their first loss to the Colts which exposed weaknesses in both teams. Then, the Broncos just couldn’t edge past Tom Brady and his boys which started to raise a few eyebrows.  No matter what, this team played through every pain, mishap and injury to stand before their opponent today.
So we ask the good citizens of the NFL and lover of all things football, will youth, quickness and a bit of boom be victorious today or will experience, consistency and Yoda -like mind control take the Lombardi Trophy?  
Whether you are rocking blue and green or blue and orange this, despite the Simpsons prediction who might be the winner of SB48 way back in 2005, enjoy the sea of emotional ups and downs that will come with finger pointing, chest bumping, sacastic tweets and a few tears…. This is football and fans do not take this lightly.
Good luck to both the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos on today’s Superbowl XLVIII
As always, share your thoughts and or comments.
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