This week the NFL’s version of the Final Four….. The NFC and AFC Divisional Championships


So it has come to this… The Patriots and Broncos… The Seahawks and 49ers…… and all fans will be ready!

We kick off the Sunday match-up with the Patriots heading to Denver to quiet those that believe in the Peyton Manning régime. After what we saw last weekend, the Broncos definitely cannot take the Patriots lightly.

 The game between the Colts and the Patriots seemed as though it might be a pretty good battle despite an Andrew Luck INT in the opening drive. I mean hey, it was early right, and Luck has been known to guarantee us at lase two or three INT’s a game. No one panicked yet.  The pick lead to a Patriots Touchdown by “you will never forget this name” LeGarrette Blount.  Still Colts fans were not panicking, I mean look how far we’ve come.  We always come from behind, just ask the Chiefs.  Yeah but these were not your Daddy’s Patriots (that line was hilarious) and they will not let you redeem yourselves once they have you in their grasp.

 The Colts just couldn’t complete.  Even though their defense stepped up big, the Pats switched up their offensive strategy and rushed for every touchdown in the game. Oh and that name I asked you to remember, that Blount fellow, he politely rushed all over the Colts defense for 4 of the 6 Pats TD’s.

Yeap, this was the only time excessive “Blounting” in the NFL did not violate the league’s substance abuse policy. Stevan Ridley even figured he might as well get in on the action as he rushed for 2 of the Patriots TD’s.

 The Colts managed to score 2 touchdowns but it was not enough to survive this round and the bow out. So Colts fans, you should be proud of your team.  There is a lot to look forward too as Luck continues to develop into a premier quarterback and team leader. So hold your heads high as you join the rest of us fans as a “Couchgaiter”.  Don’t worry, we share our beer and popcorn as we too drown in our team sorrows.

We hope the Broncos took REALLY good notes because the Patriots have many ways of attacking their prey.

 Final Score Indianapolis Colts 22 – New England Patriots 43

Next game will be another battle royale as the San Francisco 49ers take on the Seahawks and the loudest fans ever.  This is a match-up that so many have waited to see.  The 49ers had an up and down season and almost missed this opportunity, but they proved in the regular season stretch, the will meet the Seahawks again!  As for the Seahawks, besides that very weird game against the Colts early in the season, they pretty much skated through the season. There were a few bumps, and unfortunately an unhealthy Percy Harvin, but overall they were amazing to watch. I can’t say enough about the Seahawks Legion of Boom. Richard Sherman and crew take care of business and take no prisoners but we cannot deny what the 49ers are bringing to the party either.

 While Russell Wilson does hold the ball a bit longer than most in the pocket, his accuracy and timing is slightly better the Colin Kaepernick’s. The Seahawks O-Line not only gives Russell enough time to scan the field for his targets, the holes they create for Seahawks RB Marshawn Lynch, have led to many successful scoring drives.

 The 49ers are going into this game focused, ready and hopefully with earplugs.  The shocking beat down they handed to the SuperCam and the Panthers showed us, these boys from the Bay are ready for what was to come the following week.  The 49ers defense manhandled and just about dismantled any offensive strategy the Panthers put in play. There is always mention of the stars on the Seahawks, but we cannot turn an eye to the weapons the 49ers bring.  Anquan Boldin and Michael Crabtree are not easy targets to contain, especially when they get hot, they will burn you (on the field that is).  Since Kaepernick stole some of Superman’s power, he plans to kiss the guns quite a bit in this match-up.

 In a fan poll, we noticed the fans tipped the scale in favor of the Seahawks heading to New York, but sports analysts, insiders and reporters and not so sure they should be jumping on the Seahawks bandwagon so quickly.  They have discussed the in-depth details of this game and the possible outcomes, especially on the defensive side of the ball.   I spent the afternoon studying the 49ers and taking into account that if their defense is on point or even plays man defense, this just may be worth all the hype and anticipation of game time.

 I am quite sure the Seahawks watched the 49ers performance and while a good one, they are not the Panthers and they will be  ready.

 So share your thoughts, comments, team spirit, or simply just vent…. It’s the passion we have for the sport and teams we love.



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