Leading into NFL Wildcard Weekend!

Wow did you see what we saw!  What a game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Indianapolis Colts.  I truly believe this was one of the best comeback games in the NFL!

 So let’s begin with the mollywhop beating the Chiefs were attempting to prove they are more than just hype by handing the Colts an “L”.  Many stated prior to this game that while the Chiefs had a pretty good year, they will not be taken seriously until the defeat a playoff caliber steam. So let’s see if this worked out in the Chiefs shall we.

 The Chiefs started this game hard string and focused with a touchdown from Dwayne Bowe. The Colts thoughts that was cute as they answer back with a 10 yard completion to T.Y. Hilton to even things out.  Chiefs’ make another attempt to increase their lead by 7 points but have to settle for 3.

 The second quarter was filled will even more excitement as the Chiefs grab back to back touchdown to start the quarter and another to finish.  It was unbelievable and by this time I had gone through a bag of popcorn, a soda and wore I had some Junior Mints stashed somewhere for this PG13 thriller. I could not believe the Chiefs were up 31-10 over the Colts at the half.

 I could see Chiefs Fans finally dancing in the streets with the feeling of “We told you we were the truth this season”.  They were probably calling Hotwire for NY/NJ room reservations while waiting for the second half to begin.  Guess they forgot coming from behind for the Colts is nothing new.  So before you Chiefs fan type in your credit card numbers and make rental car reservations, please allow the second half to commence.

 The Colts hit the second half running and officially ready to do battle.  The Chiefs were still thrilling us by opening the second with yet another touchdown increasing the lead to 38-10. Now if you are not familiar with the Colts stroke of Luck, Andrew Luck that is, well get ready to be “mind freaked” by the magic because you are not believe your eyes.

 The Colts answer the Chiefs TD in the third quarter with a beauty of their own as Donald Brown rushes up the middle for a 10 yard touchdown.  Then Colts Andrew Luck finds Brown again for a 3 yard touchdown play. Magically the score becomes 38-24.

“Mind Freak”

 Of course the Chiefs didn’t believe in that kind of magic and got right back into ready, set go mode to advance to the next round of the playoffs. Chiefs get into field goal position and Ryan Succop puts a 42 yarder through the uprights and the score in now 41-31. Seemed like a pretty good secure lead and the Chiefs fans started calling Hotwire again, but it’s not over until the clock shows all zeros. So I warn you to wait because all purchases are final with no refunds.

 Forth quarter starts with a fumble from Chiefs Donald Brown. The ball was recovered by Colts leading to a 2 yard touchdown.  Uh oh, does that score now say 41-38.  How can this be?  The Colts were down by 21 points at one point. The Chiefs defense began to miss tackles and hold on to a few passes but were still determined to end this with a win. Chiefs Ryan Succop is able to make another successful field goal for 43 yards out hoping this was the dagger in the Colts chances of winning. That’s when the magic happened.  Colts Quarterback Andrew Luck fire off a “What Would Jesus Do” pass up the middle to T.Y. Hilton for 64 yards and yes a touchdown. The score now reads 44-45 with 4:51 left. WHAT…… Yes ladies and gentlemen you have just been “Mind Freaked”.

The Indianapolis Colts defeat the Kansas City Chiefs with a final score of 44 – 45.

 This game was intense from stat to finish! there were also some frightening moments as well.  The Chiefs starting Running Back Jamaal Charles left the game early with a concussion. Backup RB replacement for Charles, Knile Davis, would leave the game in the 4th quarter with an apparent knee injury,  Chiefs Linebacker Justin Houston was also out with a knee injury. Reciever Donnie Avery and Brandon Flowers also were removed do to concussions.

While we saw Chiefs Quarter Alex Smith struggle a bit to find open players as the game clock was winding down. He did not have a bad game.  Smith threw 4 touchdown passes, had no interceptions and had 30 of 46 completions for 378 yards. Unfortunately, this was not enough to overcome the Colts stroke of Luck, despite his 3 interceptions.

All I can say is, WOW, what a game!

Congrats to the Indianapolis Colts and your Chariot to the Broncos match-up awaits!


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