The NFC North’s emotional race for first place and the teams that fell from playoff grace……

So we have made it to the end of the regular season and boy what a season in the NFC North.  We watched the Lions come out the gate strong and fall from grace and out of the playoff race.  Definitely a shocker and we will discuss what happened and how they could get better from our perspective.

We have the pleasure of watching the oldest rivalry battle in the NFL as the Green Bay Packers invade Soldier Field to shut down the Chicago Bears in hopes of taking the division title and a shot at the playoffs.  Though my co-host and I are at odds as to whether this game should have been flexed.  With the return of Aaron Rogers going up against the team that put him on the injured list this season, this is a game that will require movie style popcorn and a ton of fan emotion.  Can’t wait!

Finally we say goodbye to the Metrodome (Mall of America Field) the home of the Minnesota Vikings since 1982.  Our host has traveled to MOA over the years and has shared her fun fan experiences, but stated it is honestly time for a new multiplex arena so au revoir to the old and in with the new.  The Lions will visit the Vikings for the final indoor battle and hope to make this game bitter sweet for the Vikings and fans by pulling off a win.  Really Lions, it’s a bit too late for that it’s not like it will give you guys playoff hopes  or harm the Vikings record any more than this season already has.

We are also looking for fan thoughts on what your favorite NFC North Team should or should not do to be successful for next season!  So if your team has made it to playoffs kudos and if not, it’s okay “We’ll get’em next year!”



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Meet radio show host and blogger Kass. She loves all things NFL football and the amazing die hard fans of the sport. She has taken her background in PR and Journalism and turned into the grind iron one stop for fans. So stay tuned for 365 days of NFL Trivia, Prize Give-a-Ways, Live Tailgating and fan features on our radio shows.

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