The Bears proved to be just to much for those ole’ Cowboys………..


Image What a game!  The temperature was frigid, the fans were super hyped and Chicago was ready for some football.

The Cowboys tried to get a jump on things early in the 1st quarter with a nice 2 yard touchdown pass from Tony Romo to Dez Bryant to put the first points on the board. The Bears answered that call with a yard connection from Josh McCown to Earl Bennett for the Bears first touchdown of the game.  Now at this point folks I figured, we have a battle at Soldier Field, but I have been wrong before.

 The second quarter proved to be even more exciting as Josh McCown saw a wide open opportunity for the taking as he scores an amazing touchdown giving the Bears the first lead of the game at 14-7.  Of course the Cowboys weren’t going to go away that easy as Jason Witten runs Romo’s 10 yard pass in and tied the game at 14 all. But oh my gosh, what came after that was more fierce than the winds blowing through Soldier Field.

The Bears put another 3 points on the board with a Robbie Gould field goal to regain the lead and never looked back.  The Bears completely dominated the Cowboys defense.  With under a minute to go leading into the half, McCown finds the man of the day Alshon “the Amazing” Jeffery in the end zone for an highlight film 25 yard completion to put another 7 points on the board.  We had gone from a tie game to a mini thrashing and this was just the second quarter.

The third quarter began with the Bears up 23-14 and it was still anybody’s game, but the Cowboys didn’t seem to be aware of that.  The Bears once again trucked all over their defense.  Bears got into field goal position again and successfully score another 3 points. Then Matt Forte proves “He is who we thought he was”.  Matt broke through holes giving the Bears many opportunities to march down field and score. Which is exactly what Forte did with a sweet 4 yard pass from McCown for another Bears touchdown?  The Cowboys defense seemed almost none existent at this point, but Romo wanted to prove he had a bit of fight left in this bitter winter cold.

The fourth quarter is where the Cowboys notoriously make their comebacks, so I was anxious to see what Romo had up his sleeve.  Before the Cowboys even had a chance to turn pull out the forth quart bag of tricks, the Bears wanted to introduce everyone to Michael Bush as he grabs a 17 yard pass for another Bears touchdown. Well that was enough for Romo as he finds Cole Beasley for a Cowboys touchdown.  The Bears answer back with another field goal even though we know this game was over long ago.  The Cowboys did score a final touchdown in garbage time from Joseph Randle, but the dagger had already been put into their backs.

We saw a pretty stellar performance from the Bears offense.  Sure many will say that Josh McCown’s success only looked good because of how bad the Cowboys defense played.  Well, I will say this. McCown is a very good quarter back and I am proud to see that he can take advantage of a weak defense and make use of all of his offensive weapons.  He even found Brandon Marshall for 6 completions for about 100 yards. So before any one bashes McCown, look at the other teams that weren’t able to do what he did. Yes, this was a though loss for the Dallas Cowboys, but a much needed win to keep the Bears in the Playoff race.  Oh and Eagles Fans, the Bears say “You’re Welcome”.

Final Score Chicago Bears 45 – Dallas Cowboys 28

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