Week 11 in the NFC North was pretty interesting…..

Hey there football fans! So we have survived another week of football and for the NFC North it got a bit interesting. Losses, a shocking win, forced to continue to watch QB madness and this week even Mother Nature put her two cents in.

So let’s start off with the Lions vs. Steelers match-up. Now raise your hand if you were like me and just knew the Detroit Lions defensive front was going to shut the Steelers down like a fierce Karate chop. Okay, at least I am not alone. The game started and I was ready to see destruction and I did, right from the Steelers. The Steelers opened this game strong and seemed to be connecting on all cylinders. The Pittsburgh Steelers jumped out to a 14-0 lead in the first quarter. It appears that Big Ben went into hiding like Waldo this season, was definitely found for this game. Roethlisberger passed for 367 yards and four TD’s. Two of the touchdowns were in the final five minutes of the game. So many, like myself, knew the Lions defense would handle their business must have somehow telepathically sent their skills to the Steelers. The Steelers defense looked liked the days of old. Detroit did make a great run in the second quarter run to redeem themselves by putting 27 points on the board. While I just knew this was it, the Lions are gonna get’em now, it was honestly it. The Steelers defense held the Lions to only 27 points, while their offense put up 17 more points. A heartbreaker for the Lions, but good job Steelers. Final Score 27 Detroit Lions – 37 Pittsburgh Steelers.

Now we swing over to the East Coast for a battle of “I Will Not Loose” as the Packers visit the Giants. The Packers are without starting QB Aaron Rogers and boy have we noticed the deference, but fans were not ready to give up hope. In a poll I found that most fans, while no comparison to Rogers, like Tolzien and believe he will grow into a great addition. Unfortunately, they needed a little more than a QB that will grow into greatness this past Sunday to keep the G-Men from winning 4 straight games. The Giants put the first points on the board with a shotgun pass deep up the middle to Randle for a 26 yard touchdown. We saw Eddie Lacy make some serious beast mode moves, but it was not enough to get by the G-Men. If you didn’t know who JPP (Jason Pierre-Paul) was this past Sunday morning, you definitely knew my Sunday evening. The Giants scored 3 touchdowns and 2 field goals to knock off the imploding Packers with a Final Score of 27 NY Giants – 13 Green Bay Packers.

The Vikings go to do battle against the former Vikings, I mean Seahawks and by gosh was there a healthy Percy Harvin in the midst. I would like to begin by saying that there was not a time Vikings Fans did not like Percy. More so they never really saw Percy. Yes, he is explosive and exciting to watch, no he did not have the best QB last season to accentuate his creative ability, but his injury bug outweighed all of that. Most didn’t think the Vikings would get the win, but at least wanted to see a hard nose football challenge and it was for about 11 minutes. Then Christian Ponder put on a display of ummm, well, not sure what but it did not help his team in any way, shape or form. I will not discredit the 38 yard TD to Jarius Wright, but he is a QB and it is sad when we get excited to see that happen. Even Cassel did not impress in this game. The injury bug has also invaded the Vikings and it surely showed. Adrian Peterson did try to play through his groin pain, but was held to only 65 yards and 21 carries. The Seahawks were in beast mode and earned every bit of this win. Yes, I am a true Vikings fan, but I still have to call it like I see it and this season, the Vikings just were not ready for the Seahawks. The Final Score Seattle Seahawks 41 – Minnesota Vikings 20 sigh.

Finally, a game that Mother Nature invited herself too and the Baltimore Ravens came to tame the Monsters of the Midway, the Chicago Bears. (Okay that was even funny to me the Ravens haven’t done battle all season) So, here we go and can someone say Ray Rice. He came in and torched the Bears and this game looked like it was heading toward a blow out. Though the storm that passed through North West Indiana and Illinois was brutal and we are happy to see relief going to those areas, the Bears did make light of it. After and almost 2 hour (one hour and 53 minutes) severe weather delay the game was once again underway. We watched QB Josh McCown fight through a consistent defense to complete passes and a Ravens offense that did their best to take advantage of the Bears ailing defense. Unfortunately for the Ravens, the Bears defense looked a lot better than predicted. We even saw Julius Peppers take down Raven’s QB Flacco. The Bears defense capitalized on every Ravens mistake and grabbed a couple of good INT’s. The Ravens were still putting up a strong fight as Tucker’s Field Goal was good and tied the game at 20 points at the end of regulation. So we head into overtime (as if this game hadn’t been long enough). Again the Ravens go hard but the Bears got into field Goal position and edge the Ravens. The final Score 20 Baltimore Ravens – 23 Chicago Bears.

Whelp, this was another fun filled exciting NFC North Fan re-cap through the eyes of Kass, Host of Football Fan Rush Radio


Meet radio show host and blogger Kass. She loves all things NFL football and the amazing die hard fans of the sport. She has taken her background in PR and Journalism and turned into the grind iron one stop for fans. So stay tuned for 365 days of NFL Trivia, Prize Give-a-Ways, Live Tailgating and fan features on our radio shows.

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