There have been some key trades and some big additions on offense in the NFC North as well as another major coaching change.

So with these off season changes we are asking NFC North fans to tell us which team should or will have the best offense this season and why.

Let’s go die fans as we get ready to count down to the start of the 2015 NFL Season!

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Was the Bears predictable defense their true downfall last season?


Despite a few major injuries and a not so great performance from Bears QB Jay Cutler, many analysts deemed more of the blame lied on the shoulders of the defense. It was believed former Defensive Coordinator Mel Tucker’s defensive strategies were way too predictable allowing multiple opportunities for opposing teams to take advantage. 
Bears fans definitely weren’t too happy with the 2013 season performance, but didn’t place all the blame on Tucker do to some pretty significant injuries on defense. When the 2014 season rolled around fresh legs and key veterans were added to the mix and Tucker assured all that the team known for its exceptional defense would once again take the field.

Um…. Well…. Not so much. We all watched teams pick apart the predictable defensive plays, play after play.
At the end of the 2014 season the organization knew many changes needed to take place and a real house cleaning was in order. 
The Bears organization said farewell to then head coach Marc Trestman and General Manager Phil Emery. Next former offensive coordinator Aaron Kromer and yeap, former defensive coordinator Mel Tucker soon after.
While we don’t feel Mel Tucker is a bad defensive coordinator, we can say he just simply wasn’t a good fit for what the Chicago Bears need on the defensive side of the ball.
Like many released coaches, Tucker has found a new home. Tucker has gone to the college ranks and will join coach Nick Saban in the sidelines at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa. AL. He will be the coach for the teams defensive backs.
As for the Chicago Bears fans, they are hoping new defensive coordinator Vic Fagio will bring back that fire the team is infamous for on defense with a lot less predictability.
Fagio spent his last four years with the San Francisco 49ers. Despite getting hit with a major injury bug, he still helped the 49ers rank 5th in the NFL’s top 10 ranked defenses in 2014 in points per game allowed (21points or under).  
So Bears fans, it seems there may be hope once again for some hard hitting defense in the heart of the Mid-West. Beardown! 

Photo Credit: ProFootballTalk

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KaSandra Hunt | September 1, 2014 11:35am CT

#Lions Coach Caldwell’s stated that everything that happens with the team and players lies on his shoulders. At least on the field that is.

It appears his eye for talent is working in the Lions favor as well as a more disciplined presence the team had displayed during Training Camp and Pre-Season games. Though Coach Caldwell seems like a perfect mild mannered gentleman, his knack of getting through to making his players a success dates all the way back to his days of college football coaching.

Coach Caldwell stood proud and tall when making the statement that everything that goes on with this team lies on his shoulders, but did not take away the aspect that the players have to take responsibility as well.

Coach spoke of his college coaching days of when he would go out and talk with many of the players guardians to explain the role their sons had taken on as a player and the role he would play in developing them as their coach. The is very different on the professional level.

While Caldwell will take ownership of what happens on the field with the team, he expressed these are not college students. He stated that these are adult men, some with families and have to understand the roles they play off the field they are solely responsible for them. Today he mentioned he will be thoroughly going over the new NFL Domestic Abuse policy recently put in place to make sure every player understands the consequences of off the field actions, of which he cannot save them from as adults.

While some were kicking cans when they learned Ken Whisenhunt took the Titans gig over the a Lions, it doesn’t seem the a Lions ended up with the short end if the stick. In just a short time, Coach Caldwell has taken ( what some feel is one of the most talented teams in the NFC North on paper) and already turned a few things around from last season.

It’s true that we can’ t judge everything from training camp and a few exhibition games, but many will be watching to see how his style of coaching plays out in the first few regular season match-ups against the Giants, Panthers and Packers.

For more on today’s PRESSER conference, Lions 53 Man Roster and Practice Squad selections simply place hold the link : Official site of the Detroit Lions


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ESPN apologizes regarding statements of Michael Sam’s showering habits

Via: KaSandra Hunt | Wednesday, August 27, 2014 10:58AM CST

This week one of our favorite journalist, Josina Anderson, had the pleasure of getting insider interviews with the St. Louis Rams as they prepare to head into final roster spots selection and forst regular season game.  Per ESPN,

On Tuesday, Anderson appeared live on SportsCenter from Earth City, Mo. to report on various Rams topics. At the end of the segment, she was asked how Sam, the first openly gay player in NFL history, was fitting in with teammates. Anderson first quoted Sam’s fellow defensive lineman Kendall Langford, who called the rookie “just one of the guys.”

Supposedly, Anderson reported something she’d heard from one of Sam’s teammates. Namely, that Sam seemed to be skipping the showers while his other teammates were there. Ostensibly not to make them uncomfortable.

ESPN is quoted in saying, “They regret the manner in which we presented our report,” the statement said. “Clearly yesterday we collectively failed to meet the standards we have set in reporting on LGBT-related topics in sports.” 

As journalists we are often forced to tackle stories that are like an unmonitored case of exploding fireworks, yet that is what we are trained to handle.  I think Josina did a pretty good job of addressing the situation on a very professional level.  This should not be a major issue and how he chooses to live life should not be a sideshow spectacle.  

Michael Sam is a talented DE looking to make the roster and history in the NFL beyond simply being an openly gay player.  I look forward to seeing how Sam’s professional career unfolds and more interviews and commentary for ESPN’s Ms. Josina Anderson.

 Visit Story Poll Here:  http://ow.ly/AMLJV

 Feel free to share your thoughts, we here at Football Fan Rush Network welcome opinion of our readers.





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Jackie Robinson West t-shirts selling for $50 on eBay

Featured Image -- 259

Originally posted on WGN-TV:

The teams new found fame is making their merchandise a hot commodity.

Their t-shirts sold out at Dick’s Sporting Goods and now they’re showing up on eBay for $50

The shirts retail for $20.

In all, Dick’s ordered about 12,000 shirts.

The company has announced it will now give all of the net proceeds, somewhere around $200,000, from the sale of the shirts back to the team.

Meanwhile, WGN has learned that bogus t-shirts are being sold on the street, claiming that a portion of the proceeds are going to the team and that is not the case.

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Atlanta Falcons:

Sam Baker (LT) – Season Ending Torn Patellar Tendon


Baltimore Ravens:

Ray Rice – Bruised Shoulder

Jimmy Smith – Bruised Chest


Buffalo Bills:

Sammy Watkins – Bruised Ribs


Cincinnati Bengals:

Darqueze Dennard –Hip Injury


Oakland Raiders:

Derek Carr (QB) – Concussion/ Bruised Ribs


San Diego Chargers:

Manti Te’o – Bruised Foot


San Francisco 49ers

Antoine Bethea – Concussion


St. Louis Rams

Isaiah Pead – Season ending Torn ACL

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Police activity in Harvey; officer injured

Featured Image -- 252

Originally posted on WGN-TV:

An officer has been injured in Harvey, town spokesman Sean Howard confirms.

The circumstances of how he was injured are unknown.

There is police activity near 147th and Robey, and there are reports of a possible hostage situation.

WGN has a crew and a reporter headed to the scene.

This is a developing story. Check back for details.

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