Another big NFC North Divisional Match-Up heading our way!

KaSandra Hunt | October 21, 2015 | 9:00am CST

This past weekend we watched the struggling for a W Detroit Lions battle the not fully healthy Chicago Bears. The Lions were looking for their first win and the Bears were hoping for a 3 game win streak.

This turned into an OT battle no one expected. 

The Lions scored first and refused to let up against Cutler and his boys. 

Meanwhile the Bears fans were sure this would be an easy victory considering the Lions were sitting 0-5 and the Bears had been on the rise since Cutler returned from injury. Unfortunately, the Lions had a little more faith and refused to lose this given Sunday despite the boos from thousands of Bears fans that made the trip for support. The Bears fell to the Lions giving them their not only their first season W, but divisional W. Shockingly the Lions are 1-1 in the division and the Bears are 0-2.

Up next the Vikings travel to Ford Field for a 2nd division match up this season.  

The first meeting was extremely physical even causing a bit of concern from a few players. Lions Golden Tate even complained publicly of the many dirty hits after a okay was called dead.

We do know the Vikings are sitting (but not pretty) 3-2 in the NFC North at the number 2 spot. While we are still waiting for that dominant break out game from Adrian Peterson we’ve seen in the past, he has proved to be a hard o to stop for the Lions. The Vikings defense is also in full effect and honesty what’s been keeping this men of the Purple & Gold in the W column. So are the Lions, coming of a great win, capable of snagging back to back W’s in their division?

Hey fans share your thoughts on who takes the win in the on NFC North Match Up this weekend.

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CONGRATS MR. GOULD…. on being the NFC Special Teams player of the week!
It seems his performance against the Raiders has earned him this honor  


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As We Get Ready For Week 4 in the NFL, How’s Your Team Looking?

This past Thursday and Sunday hailed so pretty good NFL action.

We watched some shockers like the Cowboys/Falcons Match-Up, shoot outs like the Bengals/Ravens Game and a team practically loose it’s entire O-Line in the Chargers/Vikings battle.

We also witnessed what seems to be a comeback for the for the Raiders, a debacle for the #49ers and a darn we need to find a back up QB and quick for the Bears.

Hey, it’s what us lovers of this sport live for and win, loose or tie (yes, it’s possible to have a tie in the NFL) we will be here every week.

Show check out how you team is fairing in their conference.  We know how heavily weighed conference games can be especially as the post season approaches.

So take a look and see where your team stands (unless you are a Patriots fan, because, I mean, why) and tell us if you feel your team can rise from their current standing to shock the world and land a top of the division. Or if your team already in more of a better luck next year mode, it’s still all fun in the seasonal love and war battle we call football.

For more news and updates around the NFL, just tackle the link: 

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Wk 3 NFL Stat.001

For more news and updates around the NFL, just tackle the link: 

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Cardinals Bring the Pain to Soldier Field as they defeat the Bears 48 – 23

By: KaSandra Hunt | September 20, 2015 7:00 p.m. CST

In week one we watched the Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers take the field in one o the NFL’s oldest rivalries.  While the Packers were able to squeak out the W, we saw a very different Bears team that what we were used to seeing.

Last week the Chicago Bears played with a sense of order and maturity.  Bears Quarterback Jay Cutler showed pure confidence in his receiving core and Matt Forte truly came alive with mega rushing yardage.  We were finally seeing what many analysts were trying to sell us on for years about this team and many were prepared to jump on the bandwagon.

So enter week two and Bears fans are pumped!  All have already drank the John Fox Kool-Aid and just knew this week against the Arizona Cardinals would be a battle but would end in a victory.  If only we had called Ms. Cleo before the game…..sigh

Jay Cutler and the Bears marched out on the field looking ready to play.  Unfortunately, David Johnson returned the opening kickoff a club-record 108 yards and added a rushing touchdown. The Bears answered back and tied the game at 7 with a Joshua Bellamy touchdown pass from Cutler. At that point ladies and gentlemen we knew we had a ballgame.

The second quarter it was still anybodies ballgame, as the Cardinals tried to break away with touchdown. Once again the Bears answered right back and the  game was again tied at 14 points.

That was probably the last time the Chicago Bears had any chance of gaining the lead.

The momentum of the game begins to change with a Cutler pick by Cardinals Tony Jefferson for a 26 yard touchdown leading to a score of 28 to 14 Cardinals. The Bears tried to answer back but the the Cardinals defense held them to a field goal.

Okay, is not lost at this point even though the score is now 28-17 in favor of the Cardinals.  This was the last time the Bears and their fans probably had any hope for a W.

Many gasped seeing Cutler being walked into the locker room for injury review only to learn he would not return with a hamstring injury.  So in steps, Jimmy Clausen and we will take a moment of silence here as this was the moment the Bears momentum died.

With Clausen in, the Bears only scored points on 3 field goals.  Even with a pick, Clausen and the offense just could not convert Cardinals missed opportunities in to touchdown points.

I might have understood the struggles on the offensive side of the ball, but it seems the defense gave up as well.

The Bears were unable to stop any big runs which lead to scoring plays for the Cardinals.  The Bears made a very very good Larry Fitzgerald look like the best wide receiver in the game with 3 unstoppable TD’s.

Just as many were set with bags packed to jump aboard the Bears Love Train just may have to wait another week or two or at least until Cutler returns.

Final Score: Arizona Cardinals 48 Chicago Bears 23

For Game Stat Leaders, Hit up the link:

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It’s Week Two, but Don’t Panic If Your Team Doesn’t Look Good To You Podcast


Welcome to Week 2 of the NFL Season in the NFC North……

We will be discussing season opener outcomes both good and bad, NFC North from point spreads to injuries and predicting the winners and/or loosers of week numero dos.

Last week was Bears/Packers Week here at Football Fan Rush Radio, so it’s only right that this week we celebrate Vikings/Lions Week. We have had a week of history, player salutes, record breakers, trash talking.  But for these two teams there han’t been too much trash talking considering they are coming off a slightly embarassing seasn opener.

So once again we’ve decided the best way to end the week is by having a Vikings Superfan and a Lions Superfan on the show letting the world know how long they’ve been fans of their teams and putting their fandom to the test with a fun game of  “Do You Really Know Your Team” Trivia.

So tune in to our live 2 hour season opener show as we return to our regular scheduled time of 10a.m. and as usual it will be filled with laughs, fun and updates from true die-hard fans Kass, Mike and Michael!

Hit up the link to tune-in:

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The Vikings Had a Championship Win before the merger with the American Football League (AFL)

So we are deep into VikingsLions Week and boy are the fans these teams going for blood this week.  It’s week 2 of the 2015 NFL Season and these two teams first divisional battle this season.

We kicked off VikingsLions Week with a little history on why the Detroit Lions play every Thanksgiving Day, now we need to let people know that ummm, the Minnesota Vikings actually do have a championship under their belt but not a Superbowl Championship

In the very first ever Championship game, the Vikings defeated the Browns, 27-7, in the NFL Championship Game on Jan. 4, 1970, at Metro – politan Stadium. Minnesota became the 1st modern NFL expansion team to win an NFL Championship Game. The Vikings dominated the game, leading 27-0 at one point.

On Jan. 11, 1970, the Vikings headed to the very first NFL Superbowl which unfortunately ended in a lost to Kansas City.  The final score was 23-7, in Super Bowl IV at Tulane Stadium in New Orleans. Not only was the game the 1st Super Bowl in franchise history, but it was the 1st Super Bowl played by a modern expansion team.

So as it turns out, the Vikings have won one NFL Championship in 1969 before the official merger with the American Football League (AFL). Since then the Vikings has  made the playoffs 25 times and play in four Superbowls (IV, VIII, IX, and XI) even though they have failed to win any of them.

Vikings fans are still keeping their fingers crossed, but we must admit they are definitely so very loyal people.


For more on the Vikings race to a Super Bowl Championship, follow the Minnesota Vikings at:

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The origin of the Detroit Lions Annual Thanksgiving Game…. #VikingsLionsWeek

So it’s week 2 in the #NFL and it’s also Vikings-Lions Weeks here at Football Fan Rush Radio.  We had a ton of fun during Bears-Packers Week and we are looking for the same excitement again as these two teams meet to do battle in week 2.

With that being said, a question many have is, How did the Lions Thanksgiving game come about.  Well we’ll tell you.

Mr. G. A. Richards, the first owner of the Detroit Lions, took the team from Portsmouth, OH to Detroit, MI. Unfortunately this was Detroit TigersCountry and the newbies needed to make a name for themselves to keep from falling into the hometown baseballs shadow.

The Lions had lost only one game prior to Thanksgiving in 1934, the season’s largest crowd had been just 15,000.  Per Wikipedia, The opponent that day in 1934 was the undefeated, defending World Champion Chicago Bears of George Halas. The game would determine the champion of the Western Division. Richards had convinced the NBC Radio Network to carry the game coast-to-coast (94 stations) and, additionally, an estimated 26,000 fans jammed into the University of Detroit Stadium while thousands more disappointed fans were turned away.

The success of this game has lead to an annual football tradition has become as much of a Thanksgiving Day tradition as Turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce.

For more on some of the best Thanksgiving Day Match-ups, hit up the link:

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