Atlanta Falcons:

Sam Baker (LT) – Season Ending Torn Patellar Tendon


Baltimore Ravens:

Ray Rice – Bruised Shoulder

Jimmy Smith – Bruised Chest


Buffalo Bills:

Sammy Watkins – Bruised Ribs


Cincinnati Bengals:

Darqueze Dennard –Hip Injury


Oakland Raiders:

Derek Carr (QB) – Concussion/ Bruised Ribs


San Diego Chargers:

Manti Te’o – Bruised Foot


San Francisco 49ers

Antoine Bethea – Concussion


St. Louis Rams

Isaiah Pead – Season ending Torn ACL

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Police activity in Harvey; officer injured

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Originally posted on WGN-TV:

An officer has been injured in Harvey, town spokesman Sean Howard confirms.

The circumstances of how he was injured are unknown.

There is police activity near 147th and Robey, and there are reports of a possible hostage situation.

WGN has a crew and a reporter headed to the scene.

This is a developing story. Check back for details.

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By : KaSandra Hunt | Football Fan Rush Network

A few months ago, it was exciting to see a tweet from Rice that read “SEA you soon” as fans wondered if the Seahawks would re-sign the wideout they had come to love. Who would have expected that just a few months later he would be officially announcing his retirement.

While Rice proved to be instrumental in getting the Seahawks through some tough wins and even to a Superbowl Title, many feel his best year was as a Minnesota Viking.

Rice, who was initially drafted by the Vikings in 2007, was always looked at as a talented Wide Receiver that had yet to prove his ability. That all changed when a QB master named Brett Favre donned a Purple and Gold uniform in 2009.

We watch Sidney explode!

Rice wrapped up that season with 83 receptions, 8 touchdowns and a total of 1,312 yards. It was finally safe to feel (at least in the 2009 season) Sidney had finally bloomed into the player all expected he would be with a bright future ahead.

Unfortunately, Rice’s 2010 season with the Vikings was not impressive landing him a new team home out west with the Seahawks.

Sidney did not have that same explosive season we saw in 2009, but he made many key plays that lead to victories for the team. One of his best and most memorable plays was the game winning TD that handed the Chicago Bears a nice “L”. While the TD ply was amazing, many gasped for air watching Rice go down out cold after taking a vicious hit from (then) Chicago Bears Safety, Major Wright in 2012. Shockingly, he was not ruled with a concussion on the play.

Rice recovered to play one more season, but stated that continuous concussion injuries have been more than he can withstand and finally calls it quits.

We here at the Football Fan Rush Network wish Mr. Sidney Rice the best in his future endeavors and like the many Minnesota Vikings and Seattle Seahawks fans……thanks for the memories!

Photo Credit: Seattle Seahawks

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The History of the Famous Purple People Eaters


By: KaSandra Hunt | Football Fan Rush Media
July 2, 2014 3:00PM CST

While this title will have many singing, “One eye, one horn, flying purple people eater” we aren’t exactly talking about that type of beast in the read. We are throwing attention to one of the most famous and strongest defensive front four in the history of the NFL.

Purple People Eaters or at time referred to as the Purple Gang, is a term for the defensive front four of the Minnesota Vikings from the late 1960s to the late 1970s. Yes it is a reference to a popular song from 1958, the color of the uniforms and the productivity of the defense. Those who watched this defensive front come alive every game always remembered their famous motto, “Meet at the quarterback.”

The defensive line was made of the following key players:
• Defensive tackle Alan Page, 9 Pro Bowl Selections (1968, 1969, 1970, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1976), NFL MVP (1971), Hall of Fame
• Defensive end Carl Eller, 6 Pro Bowl Selections (1968, 1969, 1970, 1971, 1973, 1974) Hall of Fame
• Defensive end Jim Marshall, 2 Pro Bowl Selections (1968, 1969)
• Defensive tackle Gary Larsen, 2 Pro Bowl Selections (1969, 1970)

We are pretty sure most Grandparents and Parents remember their beast like play vividly while watching them give fits to all opponents they were up against. Despite not winning a Super Bowl in any of their 4 trips (Super Bowls IV, VIII, IX and XI), the Vikings’ defense is considered arguably among the greatest defense of all time.

Hopefully, the Vikings current line-up can not only get them back to the big game appearance number 5 pretty soon and finally bring home the Lombardi Trophy (wishful thinking). Now pardon us while we play the “Purple People Eaters Song”.


Photo Credits: NFL Films and

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The History of SKOL… The Vikings Battle Cry



skol pictures

Since its Vikings week we have decided to mix a bit of history’s past with the present.  One of the biggest questions many have asked…… what in the heck does SKOL mean?  Ah, we shall tell you, it’s interesting and you’ll know one more thing than you did yesterday.

While for many years the story of SKOL coming from the Vikings savagely beheading the kings of opponents conquered in battle. The myth said once the kings were decapitated, the Vikings drank from their skulls like a “BOWL”.  Supposedly, SKOL (which sounds very much like Bowl) was the battle cry shouted to enrage fellow Vikings in battle to victory.

Whelp, not only is that a bit disturbing, it’s also said to be a myth.

SKOL is said to mean nothing more than a word for “cheers,” or “good health,” a salute or a toast, as to an admired person or group. Unless you are a die-hard Vikings fan, then it means kick some opponent patooty for the win.

So whether you choose to believe the mythical answer (which I am a fan of) or Wikipedia’s version, just know you’ll NEVER watch the Minnesota Vikings do battle without the roaring cheers of SKOLLLLLL.

So SKOL everyone, unless you’re not fond of SKOL beer, but then that’s a totally different blog though.

Photo Credit: David Williamson Designs

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With Dallas Cowboys Sean Lee’s before season-season ending injury, The Cowboys are hitting the phones hard to find a viable replacement. Many, like myself, expected to hear a few names from the undrafted rookie pool, but instead the two names that surfaced were  former Chicago Bear Brian Urlacher and former New Orleans Saint Jonathon Vilma.

Funny, they have been out the league for a little over a year and many are treating the mention of their names like they are throwbacks from the early 90’s.

At age 36 and plagued with the injury bug at the end of his his career, I could see why the sideways doggie look when hearing Urlacher’s name shouldn’t be a shocker.  I mean one would have to assume he is probably not in football shape. Oh and ummmk have anyone even called to man to see if he even wanted to plant a few guys on the turf again?

Here’s how this all got started. Urlacher and Vilma were simply a few names thrown aroubnd in an internal team meeting to fill Kee’s shoes.  a recent Twitter posting by ESPN’s Ed Werder from a team source  stated, ” Cowboys have internally discussed Brian Urlacher & Jonathan Vilma, taoed watched and evaluated. Team source on how much interest: “Not Much.”  There you have it, but hey made for a great way to shake up the gans and sports media wires.

From my point of view, I believe the team is looking for fill Sean Lee’s shoes with the style of play Vilma and Urlacher displayed on the field.  That tenacity, hunger, drive, results and passion they showed only with a birth year between 1990 – 1993.

We will keep you posted of ongoing updates on this story.

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